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Born in 1943 Nick Meyer grew up in the vicinity of South Africa’s world renown Kruger National Park. In this idyllic setting he already at a very young age developed an intrinsic love and appreciation for the beauty of the South African veld for here he could experience the fascination of the wild animals of Africa in their natural habitat.

Nick’s artistic flair was manifest from a very young age.  At three years old he was already capable of making three dimensional sketches and at eight he sold his first set of two oil paintings at 50 Pounds, a considerable sum in today’s terms.

Later with the help of the internationally famous South African artist Walter Battis who recognised Nick’s talent, he was able to relocate to Pretoria where he completed his high school at Pretoria’s Afrikaans Boy’s High School. He was at the same time also further tutored in art at the Walter Battis Art Centre where he gained valuable experience and insight into the finer points of the artistic medium.

Further self taught, his extensive experience and ongoing study of the interaction between wild animal life and nature and the depiction thereof in various mediums, has made Nick Meyer a  much sought after artist.  Much of his work is now proudly held in various private collections throughout the world.

Now retired from other activities he spends all his time between stimulating visits to the richest game areas of the country and then hurrying back to put on canvass what he has experienced.

For the serious collector with a fondness of nature and of the wild, a painting or statue by South African artist Nick Meyer could prove to be a rewarding investment for the future while for the casual collector it could be at the very least, a source of unending pleasure and enjoyment.